Transparent Mixing

This is our unique service, for the times when everyone is living in a tight space, producing in sub-optimal environments and cannot afford professional mixing or acoustic treatment.

Or, in cases where the original textures and characteristics have to be preserved as much as possible.

Basically, it’s the most basic mix possible. Levels, EQ, panning and compression. That’s it.

Done to correct the effects of producing with a reverb on master that is the reverberation of the room, uneven frequency responses of the playback systems or simple lack of sufficient training on how to mix.

It’s quick, cheap and a great way to get a point of reference for your development.

Mastering is not included in Transparent Mixing by default, but can be included with a discount.

Hear for yourself:


Mixing and Mastering
2x by eww



~16 stereo mixer tracks, ~5 minutes in length, separated drums with no major compromises – 50€ per track.

Discounts would apply when transparentmixing more than one track, like an album or an EP.

We’re flexible on the price of the production. If you have limited funds, we’re ready to discuss the options:

If even the cheapest option for mixing becomes too expensive, we could agree on things you’d be able to do yourself with our Assistance and then we’d handle the rest.

For the cheapest case scenario – opt for Semi-Automated Mastering.

How we handle revisions:

Transparent Mixing comes with one minor revision.

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