16 channel soundsystem in the 1-st fort of Kaunas

We were responsible for the entire installation.

It involved building a 16 channel amplifier.

We also produced the sound art.

Split an entire album back into individual samples and redone the mix.

The album in question is Maddest Sanity by eww.

We refer to this service as Restorative Reconstruction.

The starting tracks were distorted 128 kbps mp3 files with no mix at all.


Worked with:

Mixing and Mastering
oaanouxxaoao by Tetrabreak
Mixing and Mastering
Sarmata by Ilsól
Restorative Mastering
space techno by 6P3S

Restorative Mastering
(rebalancing levels and layering)
Quicksands from Paul Takahashi
Production and Mastering
lunetta by id
Production and Mastering
magnvm zhopvs by S.C.A.M., APSHIK†IKRYZHIAI

Mixing, Mastering and Assistance.

Personal releases:

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