Mastering is a process done on the master channel – finishing touches and ensuring everything is as good as it can become and then processing it in a way that makes sure it translates correctly onto the medium or platform it’s going to be reproduced on.

In the digital ages, this means slapping a compressor, squishing it and making sure it matches the wide variety of standards every single streaming platform requires, which is just loudness.

We don’t play this game and we encourage you to stop giving a crap. Read more more about this loudness war on wikipedia.

If making it louder makes it worse, we’re not doing it, unless you specifically request it for your reasons.

If loudness or „thicc-ness” is your intended sound design idea, it’s best achieved in the mixing stage, or at the very least, stem mastering.

Our intent with mastering is making sure your tracks sound as good as they can and have a common character of the album or EP, just as with mixing. We highly recommend mastering an entire release, instead of singular tracks separately.

Mastering is included in our mixes.

Stem mastering is available.

If there are significant issues in the mix and your antivirus has removed your VST plugins and you no longer can open up the project:
You can opt for Restorative Mastering or Restorative Reconstruction.


Depending on the length and how well the track has been mixed.

A 5 minute long track, with a well balanced mix – around 50€
Stem mastering would be slightly more expensive.

Discounts would apply when mastering more than one track, like an entire album or EP. 10 tracks would be around 300€.

We’re flexible on the price of the production. If you have limited funds, we’re ready to discuss the options:

The mix wasn’t done very well and you don’t have the funds for professional mixing?
You can opt for our Transparent Mixing instead, tailored to get it to be as good as possible for as cheap as possible.

Do you mix it yourself and you want to learn how to do it better?
Let us help you with the learning curve with Assistance.

How we handle revisions:

There is no set limit on revisions.
If something that has been done wrong in the mix, then it’s getting into the area of restoration.
Every issue of the track that needs addressing, will be noted prior to mastering and whether or not it would require restoration, which may be taken as a separate service.

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