Music Production

Do you like the music that we produce?
Do you like the music released on our label Electron Emitter?

Do you think our craft would fit your creative ideas?
Or are you looking for someone willing to find some unique ones?

Then let us make some sick noises for you!

We are the best at making quirky experimentation, working on the character of music, its sound design and the way it conveys the idea of your project, rather than it being “dopaminergic” and stereotypical “epic”, where it just wastes your ability to care about it in 30 seconds.

We would be able to provide projects, individual recordings and integrate into your processes or join the project all-together, if more than music production is be necessary.

If there’s an artist from Electron Emitter you’d fancy instead, we can get in touch with them for you and establish possible ways of collaboration.

Here’s some hear:

Excerpts from an on-going project by Augustinas:

Our personal projects:

Number Eleven
entropija, spectral


Notable inspirations:


Calculated by-the-hour or an agreed rate, depending on the scale of the production. Contact us and let’s figure it out.

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