Are you working on a project, where you would require assistance of an audio engineer?

Or are you a producer and you need someone to give a quality listen in a studio, for some actual feedback?

In the days of youtube tutorials on how to mix and the “use your ears” meme, when having a lack of practical knowledge how to use your tools, this is what we think can speed up your progress more, than watching more tutorials.

We can be making sure you are heading in the right direction, instead of trying to guess if the comments on the internet actually have room treatment and then watch people argue over a subjective opinion.

Giving tailored objectives or step-by-step tutorials, or analysis of your processes to figure out what kind of improvements could be done.

We’d be able to assist with any step of music or audio production, including setting up a space for monitoring or recording.

How we establish assistance:

At first, a voice or video call via a platform of your choice.
We agree on which area you need assistance, what kind of environment and equipment you’re working on and how experienced you are in the field.

Then, how we’d be able to help:
Suggesting changes in setup, teaching certain techniques, giving feedback if your progress is in the correct direction.
Sometimes even going on teamviewer and accessing your session, so we could review it live in our studio with our monitoring.

The feedback can be an done on email, or chat afterwards. You send us a track, we give it a quality listen, report back with suggestions and ways how to do them.

How it saves money:

The most usual case is teaching how to mix.
Say you have a pretty busy album of 10 tracks. Depending on its complexity it may end up costing around 1500-3000€.

The complexity can be brought down by making sure there are no issues in the mix, it doesn’t need anything to add to it (like saturation, compression, reverbs, spaciality etc.), there are clear and defined ideas what function each instruments serve in the mix.

In the end if there is nothing more we can do, other than transparently mix to ensure translation and it has all of the major sound design ideas sorted out, it can be brought down to 500-1000€.

You may even be able to opt for Transparent Mixing or straight to Mastering with stems, without a perceivable reduction in the quality of the end result.

That way it could end up to be as low as 200-500€ and you have acquired a skill-set.


Calculated on by-the-hour basis or agreed rate, depending on the agreed means of communication. Get in touch and let’s discuss.

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