The lunacy where crazy and creative get to make a sanity

The lunacy where crazy and creative get to make a sanity

The lunacy where crazy and creative get to make a sanity

The lunacy where crazy and creative get to make a sanity

The lunacy where crazy and creative get to make a sanity

The lunacy where crazy and creative get to make a sanity

Slightly mad audio production services

We’re here to boast about our ability to give an approach tailored for You, that will make Your creations stand out.

Learn the rules so you know how to break them properly.

– Dalai Lama

We will produce your vibrations exactly how you would like us to:

Audio Production
Music Production

Cheap solutions for the preoccupied money savings:

These are unique services, for the times when everyone is living in a tight space, producing in sub-optimal environments and cannot afford professional mixing or acoustic treatment.

Simple and efficient, backed by years of experience working with material made in the worst conditions possible.

Transparent Mixing

Levels, EQ, panning and compression. Nothing else.
Semi-Automated Mastering

Automated corrective processes done by a human.

We’ll help you up the learning curve.

When restoration meets music:

For the cases that are the most special and your antivirus deleted your project.

No longer have the source material? A bad mix and lost individual tracks? Re-recording is too cheap? We got ya covered.

A lot more than automated stem-separation – it’s a rescue mission to add or repair things in the mix when it’s too late.

Restorative Mastering

Extracting things out, processing and layering on top.
Restorative Reconstruction

Separating and splitting the track into individual samples, to re-do the mix.

Hear our noises:

Some excerpts from an on-going project:

Active project.

We’re the team of audio engineers working with a full-length movie Tabasco by Andrius Žemaitis.

The centerpiece of it all will be our vintage pump organ, produced somewhere in Sweden in the XIX century.

We built a foley studio for it, in which our in house foley recordist keeps bringing in dead trees.

Here’s what others have to say:

„He removed most of my effects on my project and it immediately sounded better!”

– Tetrabreak

„My mixes sounded like dry white bread sandwiches with moldy sausage taste. With the help of Electron Transition they now sound like wet contraband ciggie butts smell. I love it.”


„Augustinas is crazy and he should sleep sometimes. 5/5”

Paul Takahashi

„An electron transition refers to the movement of an electron from one energy level (orbital) to another within an atom or molecule. These transitions occur when an electron absorbs or emits energy in the form of photons, which can be in the form of light, heat, or other electromagnetic radiation. Electron transitions are governed by the principles of quantum mechanics, particularly the quantized nature of electron energy levels in atoms and molecules. Each energy level corresponds to a specific amount of energy, and when an electron transitions between levels, it gains or loses energy in discrete amounts. This energy change is typically associated with the absorption or emission of photons with specific wavelengths, according to the energy difference between the initial and final states of the electron. Electron transitions are fundamental to various phenomena in physics and chemistry, including the emission and absorption spectra of atoms and molecules, the behavior of semiconductor devices, and the interactions of light with matter. They play a crucial role in understanding the behavior of matter at the atomic and molecular levels.”

– ChatGPT

If you still insist on scrolling:

The original version was a distorted mp3 with no mix at all.
It was originally composed in Sony Vegas.
This is what I do instead of learning how to use wordpress.
This is what my colleague considers music.
Augustinas performs live in Trakų Vokė manor.
Marius performs live in Advanced Electronics event series.

We turn ears into dodecahedrons on our label:

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