Semi-Automated Mastering

This is our response to AI mastering, where it will do you sick loud masters, but will be completely clueless what to do with anything other than normal.

AI will never be as crazy as we can get.

Shove it a track that wasn’t mixed well and it will make it worse, or a hard to master piece of art and it will make a mess.

This service is using AI where it’s supposed to be used. Stem separation, automatic equalisers, de-noisers, smoothers, transient processing and using all sorts of audio wizardry that the current ages have brought us.

We use automated processes and rely on pre-made mastering chains, which makes it superior to AI mastering, because the engineer will not allow the AI to develop a conscience to screw it up.

Stem mastering is available.


It’s as cheap as possible. Around 20-40€ per track, depending on its length, condition and complexity.
Discounts would apply when semiautomatedmastering more than one track, like an album or EP.
Stem mastering would be slightly more expensive.

How we handle revisions:

Semi-Automated Mastering comes with one minor revision.

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