This is done after you have finished your composition and recording and you need to take all of your audio tracks and blend them together into one, ensuring they will:

  • Have clear, defined and balanced place in comparison to each other.
  • Making sure it will sound as good as it can on every single playback system or toaster.
  • Removing any sort of artifacts, unwanted noises, (or embracing them!) and cleaning up the audio.

Note – we do not have the comparative experience with pop, rock, metal and jazz. If you are adventurous, so are we.

Mastering is included in Mixing.

Hear for yourself:

Mixing and Mastering
ghost follows us by Tetrabreak

Artist’s attempt:

Mixing and Mastering
Akimirka by eww


Mixing and Mastering
Fleksi Plastik by eww



We cannot get a quote for a track we haven’t heard yet – get in touch and send us some of those noises of yours.

We’re flexible on the price of the production. If you have limited funds, we’re ready to discuss the options:

What’s the most important part of the mix? Extra sparkly bits not as important, if the general balance is off to start with?

An entire album to produce, not enough funds to treat each of them separately? Let’s get patching presets!

Would you be able, or want to learn to do some things by yourself with Assistance instead? Let us help you with the learning curve.

You want it as cheap and as good as possible? You can opt for Transparent Mixing, a service tailored just for that.

With that out of the way, here’s some rough estimates:

~16 stereo mixer tracks, ~5 minutes in length, separated drums, with no compromises – 150€
Discounts would apply when mixing an entire album and for returning artists, because we can make presets and templates.
Transparent mixing would be around 20-50€ per track, depending on its initial condition.

How we handle revisions:

You will be able to hear us taking steps with the track:
You’d get a transparent-ish mix first, that sets the balance.
Depending on the scale of the project, you may get multiple progressing versions towards the goal. Most of the time – one.
Then you’d get a version, we can call final, ready for mastering. And then we do the mastering.

Then we employ you, to listen on every single playback device that you know of and give us your final feedback.

There is no set limit on revisions, as we found this way is very consistent. There’s always three chances for you to nudge it where you want to.

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