Audio Production

We have a foley room, used to record everything, starting with instruments, ending with shards of glass.

It houses hardware, much pro enough or zip tied modified to be completely noise-free, hand built acoustic absorbers and is located in a very small and quiet town.

It is independent from our main studio, meaning it can stay in operation, while the post-processing takes place in our main studio, ensuring efficiency.

Coupled with our music making experience, restoration, automated processes, experimenting with different techniques and breaking everything, we can make almost anything that your projects require, for any stage of it’s production.

Some cases of restoration is part of audio production – de-noising, removing certain reverberations or unwanted sounds, like wind and crackling from the original recording.

But we have that taken care of, before the recording takes place.

That’s why we built the foley room far outside of town and use highly specialized recording techniques, to ensure the least amount of post-processing.


Calculated by-the-hour or an agreed rate, depending on the task. Contact us and let’s figure it out.

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