Restorative Reconstruction

This is completely ridiculous – splitting a track back into mixable samples, or tracks, manually, as much as possible.

Think of it as stem separation, but it’s individual samples.

This service is dedicated for such cases, where re-recording is impossible, unattainable, too expensive, or the original recording characteristics hold a special value.

It differs from Restorative Mastering, because this is an attempt at a complete reconstruction, with the intent to change the mix, rather than the master.

This is everything you would see in advanced audio restoration practices, except you train the AI on individual instruments or samples.

Manually cutting out things using spectral edits and/or using advanced algorithms. Every. Single. Bit.

And then recomposing that into a playlist, to mix on top of the original, using only linear phase effects, to make sure you can produce layers on top.

Disclaimer – the quality depends on the type of content.

Acoustic performances are impossible to get out clean and will suffer from severe artifacting, so the probability of a clean and good sounding result is less likely. It can be done in order to get a specific thing out of it, or creatively reshape the balance of the track.

Electronic music stands a much higher chance to be almost perfectly reconstructed, given that there are no non-linear effects (such as a flanger, phaser or chorus), or excessive modulation on the instruments, not in sync with the rest of the track. In some cases, if the track is nicely aligned and has empty parts with just the individual samples, it can simply be phase cancelled out of the rest of it.

Hear for yourself:

An entire album that was heavily clipped, never mixed and rendered as low-bitrate mp3.

Maddest Sanity from eww.



The Place


Innner Peece


Take on Drum and Bass




It’s a highly specific task, depends on a million of factors and will be very expensive, because it takes a lot of time.

If the objective is remastering, it can be Restorative Mastering and extracting only the things necessary to change some but not all things in the mix.

Tracks like “Elektronik Musik” and “Inner Peeece” took roughly five days to reconstruct and remix.

“Wolfram” and “Axis of the World” reached up to two weeks, due to reverbs used, a lot of distortion and heavy artefacting from samples hidden behind entire layers of synthesizers.

The entire album took around two months spaced around.

The pricing will be by-the-hour and tracks similar to these would end up costing around and more than 500 euros per track.

It would be actually cheaper to hire us to compose a similar track, using the samples extracted.

Get in touch and let’s discuss the possible options, because this is meant to be the last possible option.

How we handle revisions:

The entire process is by-the-hour and you will hear from us taking every step towards the objective.

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