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Audio Production
Music Production

Cheap options for cheap

These are unique services, for the times when everyone is living in a tight space, producing in sub-optimal environments and cannot afford professional mixing or acoustic treatment.

Simple and efficient, backed by years of experience working with material made in the worst conditions possible.

Transparent Mixing

Levels, EQ, panning and compression. Nothing else.

Semi-Automated Mastering

Automated corrective processes done by a human.


We’ll help you up the learning curve.

Restoration meets music

For the cases that are the most special and your antivirus deleted your project.

No longer have the source material? A bad mix and lost individual tracks? Re-recording is too cheap? We got ya covered.

A lot more than automated stem-separation – it’s a rescue mission to add or repair things in the mix when it’s too late.

Restorative Mastering

Extracting things out, processing and layering on top.

Restorative Reconstruction

Separating and splitting the track into individual samples, to re-do the mix.

Don’t know which one to pick?

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